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Security & Guest Services
TeamOps commitment to the security industry begins with providing the highest quality security personnel to their clients. This is achieved by understanding our client’s needs and ensuring the right person is selected to provide them with best-in-class service. By having a formal screening process, TeamOps is certain that our clients will be provided with high quality security personnel who will at all times provide their clients, guests and patrons with the highest level of customer service at all times.
TeamOps offers its clients a wide range of uniform options to include formal blazers and pants, high-end suits, and polo shirts. TeamOps will work closely with our clients to select and if needed, create the best uniform option for their business.
All TeamOps employees go through a general orientation and training session before attending facility specific orientations. Our general training session informs potential employees what it is like to work for TeamOps. Expectations involved in working with TeamOps are discussed in detail along with rules and regulations. During facility specific orientation our staff will be informed of specific requirements, state and local mandated procedures, emergency procedures for the facility, as well as the requirements of our client.
Other training provided to TeamOps employees include:
  • Supervisor Training
  • Team Training (Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management)
  • Communication Skills
  • OSHA Health & Safety
  • Report Writing
  • CPR/AED Training